Benifits of Police Body Cameras

What is a body camera?


The body camera is a digital video and audio recording device.


It is not easy to damage with high protection performance, and has built-in encryption function (AES 256 and RSA 2048) to protect data security.


It is mainly used for police, security and judicial officers to record evidence and facts during law enforcement or other incidents.


There are 3 main benefits of police body cameras.


  • Collecting Evidence.


Collect fixed evidence in time to tell the truth of the incident. Because the law enforcement recorder has the function of synchronous recording and recording, it is crucial to timely record evidence for some illegal fact. If there is no strong evidence, it will be very passive when it is on court, or the prosecution will be cancelled due to insufficient evidence.


  • Warnings

Officers can use body cameras and inform people who violate the law or doing something illegally in advance. People will realize that their words and deeds will be recorded. Most of the people will take care of their behavior and stop doing illegal things.


  •  Supervision


Supervise and standardize law enforcement officers’ behavior and protect rights and interests of themselves. The body camera recorder will record the whole law enforcement process according to the requirements. It will urge the officers not slack off their work. On the contrary, if they encounter malicious complaints, the evidence video footages clarify the fact in time and guarantee the benefits and interests of law enforcement officers.


There are still many benefits for people using a body worn camera, like they can check videos and write a report. Many countries are equipped with body camera law enforcement recorder now.



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