How Long is Body Camera Footage Kept?

After the police’s work is completed in a day, police officers will put their body cameras to the docking station for uploading the videos to the server and power charging.

Data in body cameras must be stored very stable and security. The video, audio, photos will be save by with their police ID and device ID.

The video footage will be kept according to the local law from 15 days to 1 year or longer. For some very important footage with important tab, the system will never delete these files. The lifecycle of video footages can be set in the DEMS system with authorizaiton.

In China, the government require footage storing time at least 1 year.

In United States, different states have their own laws for it. You can take a reference at the following articles.

Police Body Camera Policies: Retention and Release

how long is body camera footage kept 30 days

how long is body camera footage kept


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