04 list of police departments with body cameras

List of Police Departments with Body Cameras

Nearly every large police department in a new nationwide survey said it plans to move forward with body-worn cameras, with 95 percent either committed to body cameras or having completed their implementation. But as body cameras become more common, police will face a lot of policy issues they must sort out.


The survey, conducted by the Major Cities Chiefs Association, asked 70 law enforcement agencies around the country about their plans for implementing body-worn recording devices. Results of the survey shed light on the different policy approaches police are taking.


So far, only 18% of agencies considered their body cameras “fully operational” last year. About half of the agencies surveyed, and just 5% indicated that they either don’t intend to implement body cameras or chose not to do so after completing pilot programs.


In China all law enforcement departments need to use body cameras, like traffic police, court, business administration office, procuratorate, Labor bureaus.


The body camera is very necessary in department of law enforcement especially when they use gun.


Case 1:


In May, two OPD officers who shot and killed a suspect fleeing Colonial Plaza didn’t have body cameras. The battery life ran out on one officer’s camera and the other officer hadn’t got a camera yet.


Case 2:


On a Saturday night in Minneapolis,  an unarmed 40-year-old Australian woman called police about a suspected assault near her home. She was shot and killed later by a police officer.


In these cases the police officers did not turn on the body cameras when they were shooting someone. We strongly suggest install a sensor in holster of gun, when they draw guns, the body cameras which support this function like S Eye model will start recording automatically.

More and more goverment deparments are using body cameras now, not only the police department but also other non-govermental orgnizaitons. 

04 list of police departments with body cameras


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