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what is a body camera?

The body camera is also known as body worn camera (BWC) or law enforcement recorder.


It combines the functions of digital camera, intercom transmitter into one camera, which is convenient for public security officers to use in various law enforcement environments.


Now are days, the body cameras are very popular in the police force, army force, security company, bank, traffic office, even school. People need evidence to proof their benefits.


In the market there are mainly 2 types of body cameras. 1 is normal body cameras without 3/4G function, and 2 is 3/4G body camera with live streaming function.


A body camera can provide video footages for evidence, it is good for the truth and prosecution in court.


It has these functions generally:


Video: With video recording function, which is the core function of body camera. The video resolution is not lower than 1080P or 720P now are days.


Photo: photograph with continuous shooting.


Recording: Audio recording.


Infrared night vision: at night the IR lights will turn on automatically for better night vision.


Digital zoom: You can zoom in or out


Wide-angle recording: Usually no less than 110 degree


GPS: GPS coordinates will be marked and embeded into the video footages.


Also it is very important to have these features of a body camera.


Long recording time: As we know, for a police officer works more than 8 hours a day. It is very necessary to record 8 hours at least continuously.


Light weight: Image that you are wearing a very large and heavy camera like a brick for a whole day. It is smaller and lighter to make officers feel comfortable when wearing.


Easy to use: When have some urgent, you can start recording in fast. Better with one big button recording function.


Encryption function: Nobody can tamper the video footages in body camera to guarantee the justice. Now we are using encryption to protect videos footage from being deleted. With more security, AES 256 and RSA2048 encryption function is also a very good idea to protect the evidence.

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